Intellectual Property Protection Regulating Laws

Intellectual property policies in place can safeguard research activities. In the event an invention can be commercialized, the ownership, disclosure and the distribution of income can be regulated and protected through patents.

The successful transfer of Government-Funded Research & Development results depend on the proper management of intellectual property, as well the development and capacity of Research & Development Institutions to become self-sustaining and competitive and on enhancing interaction and cooperation with the private sector.

Research and Development Institutions are in a strategic position for collaborative research and can take pursue Technology Transfer to effectively translate results of government-funded R&D into useful products and services.

The State shall facilitate the transfer and promote the utilization of intellectual property for the National benefit.

(RA 10055, Sec. 2)

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The Philippine Technology Transfer Act of 2009 is enacted as R.A. 10055 which provides the framework and support system for the ownership, management, use and commercialization of intellectual property generated from Research and Development Funded by Government.

R.A. 10055.pdf

The implementing rules and regulations pertaining to the Technology Transfer Act of 2009 can be found on a Joint DOST-IPO A.O. 02-2010 where the Department of Science and Technology and Intellectual Property Office are mandated to issue and promulgate identified rules and regulations.

IRR_RA 10055.pdf

Exclusive rights of scientists, inventors, artists and other gifted citizens to their intellectual property and creations, particularly when beneficial to the people can be protected and promoted through the diffusion of knowledge and information for the promotion of national development and progress and the common good. The State shall streamline administrative procedures of registering patents, trademarks and copyright, to liberalize the registration on the transfer of technology, and to enhance the enforcement of intellectual property rights in the Philippines.

(RA 8293, Sec. 2)

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The Certificate of Plant Variety Protection for new, distinct, uniform and stable plant varieties can be obtained under the conditions set forth in R.A. 9168 also known as the Philippine Plant Variety Protection Act of 2002.

Information about the implementation of the provisions under R.A. 9168 is found in A.O. No. 7 series 2003, the Implementing Rules and Regulations of the Philippine Plant Variety Protection Act of 2002.